BBBEE Rating Agency makes the following public statement when managing conflicts of interest and to ensure objectivity when carrying out verification activities. Impartiality is the actual and perceived presence of objectivity. Objectivity means that conflicts of interest do not exist or are resolvedso as not to adversely influence the activities of BBBEE Rating Agency.

BBBEE Rating Agency's Top Management and staff are committed to ensuring that continous impartiality is upheld during all aspects of the verification process. BBBEE Rating Agency understand that being impartial and being perceived to be impartial is necessary for a BEE Verification Agency to be able to deliver a verification that provides confidence in the process.

Threats to impartiality include:

Self-interest threats
Self-review threats
Familiarity (or trust) threats
Intimidation threats

BBBEE Rating Agency is committed to ensuring that all information in the business of verification and assessment are treated as confidential. No information about a particular client or individual is diclosed to a third party without written consent of the client or individual concerned.

In order to obtain and maintain confidence, BBBEE Rating Agency will at all times be able to demonstrate that our decisions are based on objective evidence and that our decisions have not been influenced by other interests or by other parties.