B-BBEE Scorecards

B-BBEE Recognition Level

Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME)

Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE)

A QSE is an enterprise with an annual Total Revenue of greater than R10 million but less than R50 million. QSEs are categorised as either Generic QSEs or Sector-based QSEs, where the eligibility of an entity that falls under a specific sector to qualify as a QSE is set by the Sector Charter in which it operates in.

A QSE that is 100% black-owned will automatically have a “Level 1 Contributor” and a QSE that is 51% black-owned will automatically have a “Level 2 Contributor” on their B-BBEE status.

An enterprise, that falls under the Generic QSE category, must comply with at least two of the priority elements within the B-BBEE Generic Scorecard:

Generic QSEs that are not at least 100% or 51% black-owned must be verified using the QSE scorecard and obtain a valid B-BBEE certificate from a South African National Accredited System (SANAS) accredited Verification Professional on an annual basis.

Sector-based QSEs will be assessed against the Specific Sector Charter, in which it operates outlining the specific qualification criterion for QSEs for a particular sector-based entity. The Sector Charters have been gazetted by the Department of Trade & Industry and are outlined as follows:

  • Agri-BEE Charter
  • Chartered Accountancy Sector Code
  • Construction Sector Code
  • Defense Sector Code
  • Financial Services Charter
  • Forest Sector Code
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Charter
  • Integrated Transport Sector Code
  • Marketing, Advertising & Communication (MAC) Sector Code
  • Mining Sector Charter
  • Property Sector Charter
  • Tourism Sector Code

Generic Scorecard