BBBEE Rating Agency does not necessarily provide the simplest, fastest or least expensive service and distances itself and does not endorse any claim made by any person or body that it is the simplest, fastest or cheapest service.


Appeals and Complaints

The measured entity has the opportunity to lodge an appeal and/or complaint within 30 days of the event that caused the appeal and/or complaint. It should be addressed in writing to the Quality Assurance Manager and emailed to BBBEE Rating Agency is committed to resolving any appeal and/or complaint within 30 days of receipt. Should circumstances arise that prevent BBBEE Rating Agency from meeting this timeline, it will immediately be communicated with the measured entity.


An appeals process is based on the outcome of a B-BBEE verification and on already reviewed evidence. No new evidence may be accepted.


A compliant relates to either a procedure followed by the verification analyst or the behaviour of the verification analyst whilst performing the measured entity’s verification.

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